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When you are scheduled from North North International, as a "sender", you represent and represent any other person who can benefit from the shipment, agree to the North-North International Logistics Shipping Terms from North North International Logistics Service, unless otherwise agreed by North-North International Logistics Authorized Officer in writing. Your legal rights under any particular service function (paid at an additional cost) will not be affected.
"Delivery of goods" means all documents or parcels delivered under a consignment note, which may be transported by any means selected by North-North International, including aeronautical, land or any other transport equipment. "Waybill" shall include all labels, consignment notes or orders issued by the North-North International Automatic System and shall constitute part of these Terms and Conditions. All shipments will be subject to limited liability under these Terms and Conditions. If the sender requests more protection, then the goods can be insured, the cost of another. (Please refer to below for more information). "North-North International Logistics" refers to all member companies including North-North International (BAB).
1. Customs, export commodities and imported goods
In order to provide services to the sender, North West International is likely to carry out any of the following activities: (1) fill in any documents, modify the product or service code, and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations to pay any tariffs or taxes, (2 ) As the carrier of the carrier, the completion of customs and export control matters, as well as as a recipient, designated customs brokers to complete the customs clearance and entry procedures, and (3) received in North-North International that the appropriate authorization Personnel request, the courier will be sent to the recipient of the import agent or other address.
2. Unacceptable delivery
The sender agrees that the goods to be delivered are of an acceptable transport and will be deemed unacceptable if the following occurs:
The International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), any government departments or other relevant organizations of the applicable legal State are designated as dangerous materials, dangerous goods, embargoes or restricted articles;
(Including but not limited to: animals, gold bars, currency, anonymous billable negotiable instruments, precious metals and precious stones, arms, arms, and so on), or articles which are deemed to be unsafe and legally carried by the company, Or weapons, ammunition and spare parts, human bodies, pornographic materials and illegal narcotics / drugs).
3. Delivery and delivery of goods
The goods can not be delivered to the post office or delivered by postal code. The goods can be delivered to the recipient's designated address (that is, in the case of postal services, identified as the primary address of the postal service), but not necessarily the recipient himself. Only goods marked with the regional delivery area address will be sent to the area. If the recipient refuses to send or refuses to pay the delivery fee, or if the goods are determined to be unacceptable, or if the value of the item is below the value of the tariff, or if the recipient can not be identified by reasonable effort or the address of the recipient is found, North North International Will be responsible for the return of the consignments to the sender, the cost borne by the sender, or North-North International can transfer, dispose of or sell the consignment, and not to the sender or any third party bear any responsibility, thus Using this benefit to cover service charges and related administrative expenses, the earnings surplus will be returned to the sender.
4. Check
Northland International has the right to open and inspect the goods, but must be unpacked by the sender. But the goods in the customs supervision of the state, the customs officers forced out of the box to check the case of goods except North North International in this case will be the first time to inform the sender.
Freight and bill
North-North international freight is based on the actual weight or volume of the highest value to calculate, North-North International will also re-weighing or measuring the shipment, to confirm the calculation results. The sender shall pay or compensation to North-North International for all freight, storage charges, duties and taxes incurred on North-North International or North-North International Representative's sender or recipient or any third party, All claims, damages, fines and expenses incurred in the event of an unacceptable shipment as specified in Part 2.
6 north north of the responsibility
North China International's liability under this Agreement to the sender is limited to direct losses and does not exceed the limit per kilogram or pound specified in these Terms. North China International does not incur any other loss or damage (including but not limited to profits, income, interest and future business losses), whether or not such loss or damage is special or indirect, , Whether North or North International is aware of the risk of such loss or damage before or after receiving the express mail. If the goods are taken in a multimodal transport containing air, road or otherwise, any loss or damage will be presumed to occur during the transport phase, and North-North International shall, at the time of the carriage of any goods outside China The total liability assumed shall not exceed the actual cash value of the goods and shall not exceed the maximum amount of 800 yuan or less of the following:
In the air or other non-land conditions for 30 yuan / kg, or in the land conditions for 60 yuan / kg.
Only one claim can be made for each shipment, and this compensation will be the full and final solution to the loss and damage. If the sender considers that the provisions of this Agreement with respect to the indemnity will not be sufficient to compensate for its loss, a special declaration shall be made in respect of the value of the goods and shall be insured or insured by the provisions of Article 8 (Goods Insurance) of this Agreement. Will bear all the risks of loss and damage.
7. Claim time limit
Any claim must be filed in writing within 30 days of North-North International's acceptance of the shipment, otherwise Jetway International will no longer be held responsible. North North International to be accepted within 48 hours and whether the claims can be claims and claims, damage or loss of goods in accordance with the normal payment scheme, the customer to pay the insurance of goods, in accordance with the insurance claims process compensation!
8 cargo insurance
Such as the sender in the front of the consignment note to fill out the insurance items or through the North-North International automatic control system on behalf of the insurance requirements, and pay the required premium, the North International can be the sender in accordance with the actual cash The value of the loss of express mail or express their own damage insurance. The cargo insurance does not include indirect loss or damage, nor does it include any loss or damage caused by delays in transportation.
9. Transport delays
North-North International will be in accordance with its normal delivery standards reasonable efforts to send express mail, but these standards are not a commitment, nor constitute an integral part of the agreement. Northland International is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from delays in transportation.
10. irresistible factors
North Korea International shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by reasons beyond the North-South International Control. These causes include, but are not limited to, natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, floods, fogs, force majeure such as war, air crash or embargo; defects or characteristics inherent in express mail (whether North or North International Logistics is known); riots or civil Disturbances; acts or omissions of non-North-North international employees or persons who do not have a contractual relationship with North-North International, such as the sender, the addressee, the third party, the customs officer or other government department; the labor event; Data or recording of electromagnetic damage or removal.
Supplementary information: the seller caused by the behavior of customs officers such as cargo seizure, with contraband, etc., not compensation, because the operation of North-North International caused by non-contractual relationship or acts of non-contract, North-North International will be based on compensation Terms of payment!
11. The Warsaw Convention
In the case of air transport, if the final destination or the docking country of the shipment is not in the country of origin, the Warsaw Convention, where applicable, applies and limits, in most cases, the loss or damage to the express Should bear the responsibility.
12 Guarantor and liability of the sender
In the event that the sender violates the relevant laws and regulations or violates the following warranties and statements, the sender shall indemnify the North and North International for any loss or damage:
All information provided by the sender or his agent is complete and accurate;
The express mail is prepared by the sender or his employees in a safe manner;
The person who prepared the goods for the sender is trustworthy;
The sender should ensure that the goods in the preparation, storage or transportation in the process of North and North International from others improper interference;
All the identifications of the goods are complete and accurate, with a clear address, proper packaging, safe transport for general attention;
Comply with the relevant customs and import and export regulations, as well as other laws and regulations;
The order is signed by the sender or its authorized representative and this agreement is binding on the sender. The
13 line selection
The sender to accept all the line selection and change, including express mail may be transported through the middle of the stop, the transport line has changed, North North International must promptly feedback business platform or sender.
14. Applicable law
Taking into account the interests of North-North International, in addition to conflict with the applicable law, all disputes relating to this Agreement will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the original country of the express mail and shall be subject to the law of the original country, To accept the jurisdiction.
15. Severability
The invalidity or non-enforceability of any part of this Agreement shall not affect the validity and enforcement of other terms.
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