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"BAA story:" "South," "to" "difficult" "is a homonym," "North," "and" "South," "On the contrary, overcome difficulties to find a method, it is difficult" and "South", "the other is" " North "", from the north to overcome difficulties, self-improvement, self-realization, better ourselves. "" North, "" homonym in the dictionary is unique, as the spirit of BAB! "

2013 Harbin EYida Trading Company and Heilongjiang Yi-speed Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou YC Logistics

2014 opened the main north-south two markets, begin overseas import and export, warehousing and distribution, trade procurement, customs rebates

2015 Into electricity provider market, in cooperation with the local well-known Russian express logistics company

2016 set up a "BAB international" Sino-Russian line integration of resources, to develop express, logistics, rail, air, sea, border warehouse, warehouse overseas market for the realization and becoming leading electricity supplier logistics enterprises build highly efficient and cost-effective service team products, is specialized in providing Chinese and Russian import and export, customs clearance, tax, shipping and other integrated enterprises.

For the early realization of China-Russia electricity supplier logistics experts and work.

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