BAB Service Product Introduction

BAB China and Russia launched Shuangqing courier, logistics, air, rail and other transportation services, border positions, overseas warehouse and distribution services to the development of the electricity supplier base has introduced 12 days of delivery of services, covering the whole territory of the region, 0-30kg speed fast aging, a single track in the end
Legitimate transport, security control, the product is not limited, as long as you come goods, everything in our commitment!
1, express parcel: Russia delivered 12 days spike electricity provider market, 0-30kg billing by the gram, the price of land is not the same air aging experience
2, line integration: The Russian economy courier price from 3kg super discount; logistics of the whole territory is not a direct transfer, 10kg from the real benefits; air speed nearly five days of arrival; more lines tailored for you ......
3, overseas warehouse: Russia self overseas warehouse, which can accommodate over 10,000 products, free storage charges, the first affordable Cheng Cheng Mei whole territory of delivery, safety supervision, trustworthy!
4, import and export declarations: China-Russia trade clearance safe, stable, fast, rebates, one-stop service in the end
Aging: Russia 5-25 days of aging circuit service, giving you more choice
Products: grocery, brand, live, pure electric, small tools, cosmetics, food, large machinery and equipment, valuables...
Safety: regular operation, strict supervision, caring handling, service first, live up to
Responsibility: each one has its own cargo ship, every employee is a professional, every step in the customer, the wind, rain, all for you

We are co-prosperity shame dare to challenge the team
We believe that there is nothing final success
Let's work to improve the self, self, beyond self

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