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2019 Five. One holiday notice

2019-04-27 10:31:17
2019 Five. One holiday notice

Dear Customer: Hello :

      2019 V.1 Labor Day Our company follows the national statutory holiday regulations and the actual situation of the company.

The holiday arrangements are as follows:

1. Our company has a holiday of 2 days from May 1st to May 2nd.
Normal work will be carried out on May 3rd - 4th, and rest on week 5th.

  The receipt is due at 20:00 on the evening of April 30th. Please arrange for the company to arrange the shipping time.

          All employees of Beibei International wish you a happy holiday!

        There are no staff on duty during the holiday, please forgive me for your inconvenience!

         North North International 2019.04.27
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