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2019 Spring Festival holiday notice

2019-01-21 09:59:38
Dear Customer: Hello :

  Spring Festival in 2019 Our company arranges the following holidays according to the national statutory holiday regulations and the actual situation of the company:

1. Delivery deadline: Russian special line deadline for receipt: January 19
                   All other packet channel deadlines: January 22

2. Our company's holiday time: January 25, 2019 ---- February 11, 2019.
              A total of 18 days, officially started on February 12, 2019 (the eighth day).

       Please ask the divisions to arrange the delivery time reasonably, sorry for the delay caused by the holidays.
         There are no staff on duty during the holiday, please forgive me for your inconvenience!

  Here, all employees of North and North International wish you: Happy New Year, Happy New Year, performance Changhong!

    North North International 2019.01.19
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